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The LHU collection takes inspiration from all street disciplines such as street art, street dance and street sport, exploring the whole spectrum of Urban life in the key “street” cities of the world such as, New York, London, Tokyo, HK and Seoul. LHU gained a clear positioning in the contemporary segment as a designer collection inspired by new Urban cutting edge trends.

The aesthetics include a play with volumes between upper and down pieces as well as colour blocking and introduction of mixed materials. The feeling is “real” and credible form the street. LHU pushes the look to its borders but still maintaining the look identifiable and real. The guys can just jump of the picture and on to their BMX wearing LHU.
This collection were inspired, in addition to the general Urban crafts, by the parkour movement. For the Spring Summer 2019 collection Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch, Creative Directors of LES HOMMES and LHU, made a collaboration with the pioneer association of parkour in Milan, the Milan Monkeys, creating a capsule dedicated to this street discipline taking into consideration the specific need to be able to jump. “We found parkour very interesting in terms of material research and volumes. We also created a sneaker that is made to jump”.

The look is built on layering, all different types of garments are layered in a loose way to create a street style look that is real and original. All materials and colours are mixed in a way to achieve a look that the guys would nonchalantly put on themselves. The colours are pure, saffron yellow, cobalt blue, red and green in combination with black, olive and beige. The materials a mix of cottons, nylons and technical wool. This is all mixed together in an eclectic mix.

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